Gaston, Marion, Stubbs, P.A. | Firm History
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Firm History


The Law Firm of Gaston, Marion and Stubbs, P.A. was first created when Thomas Chalmers Gaston began practicing law in Chester, South Carolina in 1870. After Thomas Chalmers Gaston’s death in 1885, his son, Arthur Lee Gaston began the practice of law upon his admission to the bar on December 17, 1897 in a two storied building opposite the Chester Court House with his cousin George W. Gage, who later became a South Carolina Circuit Court Judge.

The Commercial Bank commissioned a structure designed in 1911 by the architectural firm of Shand and Lafaye of Columbia, South Carolina, and Arthur Lee Gaston moved his practice to the prominent upstairs corner office with a view of the town from the semi-circular window over the front door of the building when construction was complete.


Arthur Lee Gaston was joined by his son, David Aiken Gaston in the practice of law on June 10, 1926, and continued to practice with him until January 31, 1934, when he was elected as a Circuit Court Judge for South Carolina.  Arthur Lee Gaston held the position of Circuit Court Judge until his death on August 13, 1951.  A plaque commemorating Arthur Lee Gaston’s service to the State of South Carolina as a Circuit Court Judge hangs in the courtroom of the Chester County Courthouse.


David Aiken Gaston continued to practice law, at the same desk and location of his father in the Commercial Bank Building. Later, David Aiken Gaston was joined by his daughter Virgina Aiken(Gina)Gaston in practice, and the firm became known as Gaston and Gaston, Attorneys at Law. Gina ceased her successful practice, resigning from the firm upon her marriage to Julian Hennig of Columbia, South Carolina in the early 1960’s.


Arthur Lee Gaston II, son of David Aiken Gaston, joined his father in the practice of law on August 19, 1963, upon his admission to the South Carolina Bar.  The firm became a professional association in 1979, changing the name to Gaston and Gaston, Attorneys at Law, P.A.


On November 08, 1979, William Lee Davidson (Bill) Marion became an associate with Gaston and Gaston, and later joined the firm as a partner on July 1, 1981, when the firm name was changed to Gaston, Gaston and Marion, P.A., and the three of them practiced law until the death of Mr. Dave in 1988.


Arthur and Bill continued to practice law together as partners of the firm, and in December 1999 purchased the Commercial Bank Building.  In October 2001 the firm utilized the downstairs banking area primarily for partner Bill Marion’s practice.  Multiple renovations of the Commercial Bank Building have taken place with the most recent extensive renovation being completed in 2015.  On June 16, 2014 , Everett Bremer Stubbs, III, joined the practice and was made a partner on July 1, 2015 when the firm name officially changed to Gaston, Marion & Stubbs, P.A.


The firm of Gaston, Marion & Stubbs, P.A. has evolved drastically from its beginnings over a century ago.  The firm has practiced a wide variety of areas of law.  Today the firm focuses its efforts to assit citizens of Chester County and surrounding counties in many aspects of the legal field.  The firm continues to honor its rich history while also being innovative in its vigorous representation of clients.  If you would like to know more regarding the history of Gaston, Marion & Stubbs, P.A. or its long history of top quality legal representation please feel free to contact the firm today.